We dip our strawberries fresh daily just for 

Valentine's Day! Since they are so delicious

and popular, we recommend pre-ordering

berries in advance so we have them ready

for you when you arrive!

• $20.00 per pound for Pearl Dipped Strawberries

Large box holds 6-9 medium/large berries and ranges from $17-$20 per box

Small box holds around 3 medium/large berries and ranges from $7-9 per box

For reference-- Large berries ~$3.00 each, Small berries ~$2.00 each

• Assorted sizes (mostly medium berries)

• Dipped fresh daily and should be enjoyed the same day. They will keep for ~10 hours in a cool, dry place (gift box) from the time they are dipped. Please be specific and timely with your order request and pick-up time!

• Do not refrigerate berries, this will cause them to sweat!

• We buy strawberries fresh, as needed, for dipping orders. For this reason they are not the HUGE berries some other candy stores dip, that are grown specifically for dipping on Valentine's. This creates a cost savings for you, and we find that the average-sized berries taste much better (sweeter and juicier) and are a lot easier to eat!

• Selection will be available in-store Thursday Feb 11th-Sunday February 14th. Once they are gone for the day, they are gone!

• Pre-order to assure berries will be made especially for you, by stopping in The Pearl, calling (608) 782-6655, or filling out this pre-order form on our website.

We will email you with confirmation if you fill out the form!

• We are only dipping berries 2/11-2/14 so please make your pre-order pick-up within this date range

• We are opening at 9 AM Friday 2/12- Sunday 2/14 for easier pick-up and shopping .

• Berry orders of 3 or more berries will be in a gift box (see gift boxes)

• Sorry, we are not offering delivery this year and we cannot ship berries. They are available for LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY!


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