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  • What guidelines are you following for COVID-19?
    We are recommending and appreciating our guests to wear face coverings while inside our store! We do have limited indoor seating available right now. In Spring we will open up our exterior seating again as well. Hand sanitizer is available and we are regularly disinfecting surfaces. There is a plexi barrier between guests and our ice cream dipping cabinet now as well, out of an abundance of caution. Finally, our fudge is all pre-packaged pieces instead of cut-to-order right now as well. Thank you for understanding and we hope to see you soon! :)
  • Is The Pearl ADA accessible?
    We try to be! Our building is historic, therefore it is not up to every standard of ADA accessibility that new buildings are. However, here are some helpful tips about accessibility during your visit to The Pearl: - To access our Ice Cream Parlor: Enter through the ramp in our Coffee House and you can access the Ice Cream Parlor as well as the restrooms and the landing with seating and our viewing window in the Confectionery. You will have to exit through the ramp at the Coffee House as well, as there is a step down from our front door of the Ice Cream Parlor. Our Coffee House maintains the same hours as The Pearl for this reason! - To access our Coffee House: Enter through the ramp from the sidewalk at our Coffee House! - To access our Confectionery: Entrer through the zero-entry front door at our Confectionery (205 Pearl Street) to shop our candy. If you would like to enjoy seating at our landing or watch candy being made from our window, you will need to enter at the Coffee House ramp to access the landing. *Our bathrooms do have a handicap accessible stall, however they do not have an automatic door, so just ask for assistance if you need it! *When there is a line at The Pearl for ice cream it can be difficult to enter the Ice Craem Parlor from the Coffee Shop. If you are in a wheelchair or cannot make the step up into the parlor, skip the line and enter through the ramp on our coffee side! There is a bell on the counter that you can ring and a staff will gladly take your order and prep your items so you can exit through the Coffee side as well!
  • Does The Pearl cater private events and weddings?
    YES! We’re so excited that you would think of us to be a part of your big event. Whether you’re tying the knot, hosting a corporate gathering, or throwing a party for friends, give your guests the unique and memorable experience of Pearl Ice Cream. Find information about our Catering: HERE Be sure to fill out our inquiry form so we know what you are interested in and can answer any questions you may have!
  • Does The Pearl ship ice cream?
    Currently we do not ship our homemade ice cream as the costs to do so are high and we do not source dry ice regularly. We do sell our ice cream in pints and half gallons, as well as single scoop cups by request if you are interested in shipping yourself! Otherwise, if you are traveling a long distance, we recommend a YETI-style cooler with ice packs to keep the ice cream at a safe temperature. Loose ice is not recommended because we use an eco paper for our to-go ice cream, therefore it does not hold up to sitting in water.
  • Can The Pearl donate to my event or cause?
    Yes! Please fill out our CONTACT US form for donation requests. Also, allow for 2-4 weeks prior to an event date to reach out. We have an extremely high volume of donation requests and need ample time to make accommodations. Due to the high volume of requests, we limit our donations to non-profit organizations and similar benefits within the La Crosse area (please no for-profit promotional requests or out of area requests).
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    YES! We sell gift cards that can be used at our Ice Cream Parlor, Confectionery, and Coffee House. Our gift cards cannot be used on online purchases (shipped or curbside) or for Eatstreet deliveries, however. Our gift cards do not have an expiration date. To purchase a gift card online to have mailed (to you or your recipient) click HERE. We charge $1 to mail a gift card and includes a customized note as well as a Pearl brochure. The Pearl does not sell E-gift cards. The gift card you purchase online will be a physical gift card that will be mailed to you.
  • Does The Pearl have dairy-free ice cream?
    We make a refreshing and sweet homemade Strawberry Sorbet that we carry on our regular menu! We also have dairy-free smoothies available in our Coffee House. For an updated list of our current flavors, click HERE.
  • Does The Pearl have sugar-free ice cream?
    We normally stock one No Sugar Added flavor in our dipping cabinet. Note, this flavor is not "Sugar Free", but is a reduced sugar flavor. We also do not make this flavor in our shop, and it is subject to product and flavor availability.
  • Does The Pearl have gluten-free ice cream?
    YES! The majority of our ice cream flavors are gluten-free, apart from any Cookie flavors (Cookies & Cream, Cappuccino OREO, Cookie Dough) and seasonal flavors depending on which ones. We do however make our homemade ice cream in our small production kitchen where gluten is a regularly occuring ingredient, so any flavor may have come into contact with gluten during production or scooping. * If you have a severe allergen, but still want to try our ice cream, just let our staff know and we will scoop from a fresh bucket with a sanitized scoop. Otherwise, our pints and half-gallons are safer options! * We also sell gluten free sugar cones in the shop if you would like to enjoy your ice cream in a cone or a cup!
  • Is The Pearl's ice cream homemade?
    YES! Sometimes people don't believe us when we say our ice cream is "homemade", but it really is! We make it daily in our production kitchen in the back of our historic building located at 207 Pearl Street, La Crosse, WI. We source our dairy from a Wisconsin cooperative of dairy farmers, and mix in the inclusions and ingredients by hand into each bucket, half-gallon, or pint. * 2 flavors are not homemade-- our Rainbow Sherbet or our No Sugar Added option!
  • If I have allergies, can I eat your ice cream and candy?"
    The short answer is... it is up to you! Everybody's allergies are different so we make it very clear that anything for sale at The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor, Coffee House or Confectionery are processed in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, eggs, soy, dairy and any other common allergen. If you have severe, life threatening allergies to any of these foods, we recommend you pass on our products for your health and safety. If you have low to moderate allergies, let a staff member know when ordering your ice cream and we can scoop from a new bucket with a sanitized scoop to remove some cross-contamination risk that is naturally occuring when scooping from our dipping cabinet. We have an Allergen guide available to view that lists the allergens in each flavor and topping that you are welcome to view as well. The Pearl cannot be held liable for any accident or damage that occurs from consuming our products due to an allergen, and the consumer takes inherent risk when entering our facility and consuming our products.
  • How do I check the balance of a gift card?
    To check the balance of a gift card, just email your gift card numbers (located on the back of the card) to: Or, call us and read off the numbers over the phone! Otherwise, the next time you visit we can let you know your balance in advance of your purchase.
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