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Spring 2021

The birds are chirping, the leaves are green, and an ice cream cone actually starts to melt once you go outside-- Welcome Spring!

We are gearing up for a busy Spring and Summer season at The Pearl, and are also excited to offer more outdoor seating than in years past. Thanks to La Crosse's Outdoor Cafe Program, there are even more tables in front of The Pearl for you to enjoy your ice cream in the sun or the shade. The Pearl is still operating to-go only, with no dine-in or indoor seating, which is more the reason to appreciate our expanded outdoor selection!

We are also excited to announce the return of a much-requested favorite: Mixed Berry Cheesecake. This homemade flavor features a creamy cheesecake base with swirls of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, and layers of graham cracker crunch.

Butterfinger and cherry chip are still available while they last, and stay tuned for a NEW, never before made Pearl flavor this Spring!

Next on the agenda is Mother's Day- Sunday, May 9th. The Pearl has perfect gift options, like our sea salt caramel and truffle assortment in a tulip gift box, or an assortment of freshly made fudge. Or treat mom to an ice cream date in celebration of Mother's Day-- we are open 10AM-9PM.

We also want to express a heartfelt Thank You to all of our loyal customers, team members, friends and neighbors who have made The Pearl #1 in FIVE categories of Best Of La Crosse County 2021!

#1 Best Downtown La Crosse Business

#1 Best Employer (1-50 employees)

#1 Best Ice Cream/Candy Shop

#1 Best Ice Cream/Frozen Custard

#1 Best Dessert

Charity and treats are coming together beginning April 30th and ending May 14th, for an online dessert auction! Bid on this tasty Grasshopper Ice Cream Cake during the Children's Miracle Network 2021 Virtual Emerald Gala! Proceeds help support Children's Miracle Network programs and initiatives. The lucky winner will receive a voucher to redeem for a one-of-a-kind dessert! The Pearl is proud to have donated to this amazing event for the past five years!

Finally, The Pearl is still hiring for Spring and Summer team members. Our application is available on our website. Pass the word along if you know any hard-working, enthusiastic and friendly folks who would be a good fit for our team (or apply yourself!) :)

We can't wait to see you this Spring!

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